Thrill Clinton

Out of the penthouse and into the basement.


Lucas Edwards

Lucas Edwards has had a passion for music from a young age, mixing trance and other 90s classics that formed the soundtrack to his childhood.

Today his selection is further influenced by a passion for psychedelic music, as well as exploring the historic relationship between disco, house and techno.



Aaron Bali

Aaron Bali is a London-based amateur DJ who love house music and penthouses but has a pathological fear of the sea.


Gusta Rhymes


Joe Rum

Fresh from his unannounced hiatus, Joe Rum revives his sorely-missed, thoughtful gaze into the musical spectrum for us via this very podcast.

Bristol born and Bristol bred, Joe’s strong rooting in time and key signatures was inevitable. Spending the majority of his youth performing in a variety of ensembles fuelled his love for music which continues to this day, and enables joe to draw his influence of all corners of the musical landscape.

Joe now largely lives his musical life vicariously through his much more successful flatmates, however he can be spotted in the scene with sporadic appearances with his baritone saxophone alongside hit Bristol ska outfit “King Walrus Presents”, as well as playing the odd DJ set from time to time.

His “professional” DJ career has taken him across Europe - from the tops of mountains to beach-side parties as the official music maestro for an award-winning coffee company, as well as delivering the goods alongside Penthouse Pool Party head honcho Lucas for the citizens of Nowhere.


Steve VC

Squats, fields, forests, festivals, beaches, bars, basements, 2nd rooms, main rooms, BIG ROOMS, resident, special guest, he's played D&B in them all for over 10 years and now he can add penthouse pool parties ;) 

He's supported the biggest artists on the scene for promoters such as After Dark, Liquid Formula, Super Secret Shindig, Undisclosed, Valhalla and currently Enter The Bass as well as breaking some of the best up and coming talent

You can catch him repping full 360 degree D&B fortnightly on that transmits on 96.5FM across Tampa Miami with his son as "VC+1" Saturdays from 10pm - 12am GMT


Fabio Limao

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and passionate about all types of music since early childhood. DJ Limao – aka Fabio Terranova - is based in London, and is a regular fixture on both Brazilian and British circuits. DJ Limao’s sets are made up from all musical influences he has encountered whilst travelling the world and his collection of ‘mad’ tracks is made up from all sorts of funky upbeat, happy music with no restrictions - built up over a period of 20 years making a living out of spinning the decks .

Variety is a spice of Life! DJ Limao’s introductions of Brazilian music into DJ sets has had a reputable following London and has been played at gigs acts like Marky, Giles Peterson, and Carl Cox in the top venues in the UK and other parts of Europe, especially in Germany, France and Spain. Spinning House music from all times, has made gigs at renowned clubs as Ministry of Sound, Egg, The End among others. Also Soul, Reggae, Garage, Dn'B, Swing, Latin, Rock. You can expect the cream of all this styles while the man is in charge.


Theo Wainhouse

Theo Wainhouse was on tour from two weeks old: a combination of totally irresponsible parenting and family in the laser show business, his early exposure to Acid house, techno and jungle fed deep into his cerebral cortex.

By 14 he was DJing at house parties, by 17 to 1000 people in his hometown and just before his 19th birthday landed a radio show on KISS FM which ran for 5 years. But where is he now? Some say he now sits in a cave walled with old circuit boards and fragments of vinyl: these people are only partially wrong.

He is currently walled inside a soundproofed room, surrounded by neon bars, drum machines and analogue modules, crafting a live set which will presumably blow our minds.

We request is mixes via his agent, and they are swiftly delivered to us via USB on leg of a carrier pigeon.


David Dao

David Dao has been DJ’ing, producing and promoting club nights since the late 90’s. David is the founder of label ‘Rebel Rabble Records’, host to a weekly show on Brighton based Trickstar Radio and resident at Morning Gloryville and Dirty Sunset Disco. Expect a blend of Funk, Nu-Disco, House and Techie dance floor fillers.


Michael Sedbon

Parisian raving child, Michael grew up with the renewal of the electronic music scene across the Channel.

Co-founder of event production collective, he organized and played in dozens of warehouses all around the French capital's suburb, shaking the concrete walls to the sound of mental and acid techno.

After taking a step back from music to focus more on visual arts and stage design, he's back with softer mixes


Dr Funquist

A man of mystery.